Job Title

Marketing specialist with SEM, SEO, Social Networks, & UX, UI GA Experience

Copywriting, newsletters etc


Mid-Senior level


Job Function

Information Technology

Employment Type

Full time

Job Description & Location

Athens/Greece office

Glassconwould like to employ:

SEM, SEO, Social Networks & GA Expert

Main responsibilities

- social media monitoring & analytics platform (p.e Brandwatch etc)

- Social media account management & promoting the company's profile to Google , YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo etc.

- Tracking & Analyzing website (GA) analytics and setting up goals.

- Competition research & analysis.

- Generating monthly ranking & performance reports for the company's website.

- Daily “health” monitoring of the website in google, bing & yandex webmaster tools.

- Regularly checking organic traffic for the company's website.

- Construction of monthly seo plan. Follow up, support, overview, check & progress tracking of the seo tasks.

- Constructing plan for number, target page & anchor text of created links. Checking for accuracy.

- Finding lists or checking existing lists of sites for link building activities.

- Suggestions for new landing page types that could generate quality traffic for the company's website.

- Keyword research and decision of keywords targeting of new & existing landing page types.

- Construction of rules for meta data, uris and headings in new & existing landing page types.

- Proposals for content elements in landing pages.

- Checking content of landing pages for plagiarism.

- Setting specs & making sure that technologies used are seo friendly.

- Copywriting of seo text in English & French.

- Setting specs for the translations used for the rest of the company's website.

- Proposals for further seo optimization of existing landing pages.

- Proposals for incorporating new & existing landing pages in the website’s structure (website architecture).

- Proof-read of new landing pages (meta data, content).


Desired Skills & Expertise

Nationality: German, English or French.

Languages: Excellent knowledge in English & French. Knowledge of Greek Language is NOT required.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media (Google , YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo)
Google Analytics

Basic knowledge of Drupal CMS

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