Daria Dascha Zazirei (99)

zazzirei dareiaΗΔαρεία Ντάσα Τσατσιράι γεννήθηκε στην Μόσχα από Λιθουανό / Ουκρανό πατέρα και Ελληνορωσσίδα μητέρα. Έκανε master σε graphic design

My name is Daria Zazirei. I was born in Moscow, Russia to a Lithuanian/Ukranian father and a Greek/Russian mother. Currently I am living in Athens, Greece, am married and raise a wonderful daughter Anastasia. After acquiring my Master degree in graphic design some (many) years ago, I founded this graphic design studio in 2008. I am highly obsessed with focusing on details of any kind, love handmade lettering and geometric art and am convinced that I have a slight OCD disorder ))) Beside my graphic design full-time work I have created many things just for fun over the years and suddenly found myself surrounded by a stunningly large collection of illustrations, which I felt an urge to make useful and share with the world. So I decided to start the “One hour a day” side project, a shop where you can find my personal art creations and download them as printables. Feel free to visit the showcase of the artworks here or the One hour a day shop here. I also create unusual, quirky, geometric jewelry made of paper, wood, silver & passion. You can acquire them here.


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